Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Dangerous Dream

Had an odd dream last night.
I was working as a technical consultant or contractor at some job. The building was located in the 40s, west of sixth or seventh, in one of those older office buildings that house a mixture of design and consulting firms, as well as the occasional sweatshop (this is the Fashion district).

For some reason, someone on an internet list I belong to in real life sent me a little "joke" was a formula for making what I thought was a tiny explosive out of household chemicals. So I set about pouring blue cleaning fluids into plastic tubes, adding Ajax, wires, timer, a switch and a battery.

As I was putting it together Keanu Reeves (who worked at the firm but was nonetheless an actor) dropped by my office to ask me a question. He actually caught me at a bad moment because right before he arrived I realized that the sender of the recipe hadn't really imagined that I would actually use it...what I had was an amount of explosive that could easily take out the entire building. So I was getting a little panicky and told Keanu Reeves to hold on for a moment.

Right at that time two of the Umour Ritual Specialists (URS and Kanduco) dropped by to hang out, so I told introduced them to KR (who was named Dave Corbus in my dream, the name of a Jazz Guitarist friend of mine in college). I told KR/DC that these were my old friends and that they should talk until I was done. Oddly, my real brother's ex-wife was there all of a sudden as well.

Retreating into a back room I started hurriedly dumping out the fluids and carefully pulling wires, lest the thing go off. While doing this some of the fluids were spilling onto my shirt thereby increasing the hazard. In fact, when I looked at what I had done I could clearly see that had I added one more wire and completed the recipe, it would have gone off.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dwing Dwong the Bitch is dead!

Umour Ritual Forum I read earlier today of the death of Andrea Dworkin and I`ve been smiling ever since. The cause was not specified but hopefully it was painful and humiliating. As a crusader against men in general and against pornography and sex in particular, she was one of the chief Kommandants of the No-Fun Police. Looking at her evil, beady little eyes peering out of those pendulous jowls one doesn`t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out why she had such a problem with sexuality and the nude body. I mean, who in the world would even think of (even truly kinky sickos) having sex with a creature so repulsive. The idea of that vile, bloated, moray eel-woman removing it`s clothes is enough to cure premature ejaculation in even the horniest male. Death to the hate-mongers, purile repressionists and reactionary prudes! The fact is, Bitch, that sex is a good thing (and good for you as well). So, now you`re dead and sex goes on. Hallelujah! Dear reader, please do me a favor... Take some time to go home today and make love with your partner/girlfriend/wife/husband/significant other... make them feel special and beautiful... watch some porno movies, or not- it is, still, your choice... and celebrate the fact that enjoying sex together is driving a nail in the coffin of that hateful, nut-busting bitch. Love is great! Hatred and censorship suck. Amen.
Loudmouth Bill
P.S. Lord, I don`t want to sound like an ingrate but since you`re doling-out favors, if it`s not too much trouble, could you possibly give Catherine MacKinnon some horrible inoperable tumor or maybe huge, festering sores or something else nasty... continual vaginal warts...I`ll leave it to your discretion. Thanks.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Rub NEW salt in your eyes...

There are three new photo essays in the “Rub Salt” menu. The first are images of the Sheela Na Gig. A word essay about these images is in production. The next new addition is titled “At The Rust Farm”. This series of photos will be expanded as more images are shot. The most recent item is called “Topical Aloe Ointment” and features some new “rollover” images with quotes from a book by Alan Watts.