Friday, January 21, 2005


...Loudmouth Bill. Certainly he has some appropriate words for yesterday's ceremonies. Supposedly the US is doing manuevers in Karachi in preparation for an invasion of Iran. I'm thinking it's just to give 'em a scare but you never know with these crazy fuckers.

More Kanduco. Wait, is 'more' the appropriate word here when he's never even posted?
Quit screwin' around Kane and let's see some zany Kanish posts.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Such is the order of things...

Such is the order of things that all things are ordered from disorder. Disorder is itself the source and the order of all things.

We see the universe as and ordered system because we are “wired” to perceive an ordered system. The true chaotic nature of the universe doesn't negate the possibility of structured systems, but it is from chaos and random chance from which these "ordered systems" are created, through intellect, by us.

The Divine Truth; that which we cannot see, that which we cannot be, that from which we came, is what ever the universe truly is. It is chaos. You observe the effects of chaos all around you if you look for it, but you cannot actually see it. You can even tune it in on your television (provided your television is capable of receiving aired broadcast and non-broadcast channels).

Chaos is the absence of order. We are ordered in such a way as to see order. But we came about through a series of random chance occurrences. So we are order from chaos. We are not the universe, we are merely its vehicle for perceiving some order in it.
The order we see is a perception. The truth and the source is the universe of chaos.

To embrace this is to see beyond good and bad, to live beyond desire. It is acceptance that what will be will be until it becomes something else.