Monday, April 11, 2011

Umourian demise of the record store

Many will recognize the Umourian attributes of this image of a burned out and long abandoned record store, but it is merely a refection of the whole slow and steady demise of the record business as a whole. In today's world of digital downloads there is no longer any intrinsic value to those flat plastic discs, be they vinyl or CD. Music can be digitally duplicated en mas by anyone with a computer. Sadly this sorry fact has seemed to leach into the public's perception of the actual data therein, and it seems that by and large the general public has also lost site of the value of THE ART of a record, and in a broader sense, the value of art in general. In highly Umourian fashion, this website documents 40 closed record stores across the nation. Click the title of this post to visit the site.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Matt Helm

Just a little taste of some of the Exciting UMOUR action rapidly coming your way, hepcats.