Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Little More Umour

Quietly we are modifying the Umour site and have added a couple of new pieces. The “Rub Salt…” link on the main menu page now brings you to a sub-menu page listing photo essays, whereas before it brought you strait into our first essay, now re-titled “The Great Remedy”. A new photo essay by Loudmouth Bill has been added, entitled “At The Gates”.

Additionally there is a new movie entitled “Vignettes” which features words by Loudmouth Bill, and images by Kol. Look for all three Umour Ritual Specialists in this thought provoking new audiovisual presentation.

More is sure to come.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Kinky Freidman: Next Governor of Texas?

DALLAS - Kinky Friedman, the best-selling author, country singer and friend of the stray dog, next week will officially toss his ten-gallon hat into the ring for the 2006 Texas governor’s race, his campaign said Tuesday.