Friday, November 25, 2005

Ode to the Angel of Freedom

Yes, Mr Bush! Fly free! Fly free of the petty laws that restrain your genius, here in the US. Fly, I say! Fly and wield your flaming sword of truth and justice! Dispense your judgements free of the unfair entanglments that hold you back! Let no man, government, mass protests, common opinion, logic, Biblical commands, the UN or any news agency--Arab or otherwise--stop you or hinder you in your quest to free the world of all that might oppose you and the angels of freedom that follow in your wake!

Swing your scythe through the fields and harvest those souls that are unworthy of your freedoms and indeed unworthy of life itself! Look down upon the nations in your glory and splendor and wisdom! Fly free, Mr President and again I say fly!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Random Patterns

The term random patterns is used to describe the phenomenon that occurs when the human brain if faced with perceiving chaos. The human brain is uniquely organized to recognize patterns. It also creates them when faced with deciphering chaos. This can be exemplified by staring at a television screen that is tuned to receive no signals. Try turning your television on and select a channel with no broadcast (“snow”). The particles, which are ejected by the cathode ray tube onto a television screen, are in no way directed unless a broadcast is being received. When a non-broadcast channel is selected the particle stream is a completely random occurrence. A small percentage of the particles which impact the screen to make “snow” are stray cosmic particles left over from The Big Bang, and other stray particles, protons, neutrons, electrons, neutrinos and quarks.

If you stare at this you will begin to see patterns. These visual patterns are not actually on the screen at all. The patterns are an illusion, created by the mind, because it cannot comprehend chaos. The chaotic appearance of these particles randomly striking the screen of a television is more akin to the physical nature of the universe than the patterns we see which our minds make up. We are forced to create order, to see patterns, and this is how we perceive the world around us and within us. We lack the ability to see the universe in its true chaotic form. We live in a universe where chaos (or complexity beyond all comprehension) is common and order is a rare exception, which sometime occurs and often is imposed by our limited consciousness.